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December 2016

Workload Automation and IT Bimodal

Eccox is present at the 11th Performance and Capacity Planning Conference organized by CMG Brazil on June 18 in São Paulo. Our Emerson Castelano consultant will talk about Workload Automation and IT Bimodal. Traditionally, companies use multiple workload automation tools...
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Eccox, 24 Years of Passion!

Eccox, 24 years of passion! Today we celebrate one more birthday at the journey with great pride and joy by helping organizations maximize the value of their IT investments and meet their business objectives. Is it a great pleasure to count...
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Transactions Batch or Online?

We all want the immediate things, and computers increasingly helps us, either to receive information, a family statement, to seek a restaurant, a hotel, or a service; and to effectuate a transaction, whether a sale, purchase or payment. The communication...
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DevOps and ITIL together?

This article intends to just provide a standpoint on how to consider DevOps initiative for organizations based on ITIL governance and traditional application development. Gartner defines DevOps and ITIL as follows: DevOps represents a change in IT culture, focusing on...
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Houston we have a problem!

Tips for a fast, direct and efficient contact with your support Productivity. I believe that this is the word of the century, from the business to the personal life. People, from all generations, are looking for some way, methods, tips...
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Cost reduction – the eternal necessity

Organizations are continually under pressure to control, optimize and/or reduce their investment and costs on IT and now, more than ever, due to today’s economic climate. The challenge for most CIOs is the way to reduce costs, without negatively impacting...
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International Women's Day

The idea of creating the Women’s Day came about in the first years of the twentieth century in the United States and Europe, in the context of women’s fight for better living, working, voting rights and other rights. In 1975...
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Challenges of batch workload

Challenges of batch workload – Automation, improved performance and reduced peak Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA) The Eccox will discuss this subject in lecture at the CMG BRAZIL event on 18 May. We will talk about the current challenges faced in...
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