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Big Data, IoT and IT bimodal?

What used to be an expense is now an investment with a guaranteed return

Corporate systems are becoming progressively more complex and interconnected with one another and with the platforms they use. In current applications there is a great diversity of layers through which information passes or is treated and, in each of these, specific tests are required.

Time-to-market deadlines are also becoming progressively tighter due to competitiveness and competition on the market in which the organization operates. delivery of applications is increasingly complex in increasingly shorter times, with greater demands for quality. This is the main challenge of the areas involved in the lifecycle of systems. The different types and levels of tests as stages in the lifecycle of systems are not immune to these needs and the fact that these stages occur at the end of the development and maintenance cycle, when deadlines are running out, makes them even more critical.

In traditional developments, when a new system or function is developed, all of its requirements and demands are tested to exhaustion. For this, test plans are created from the unit tests to the final tests for acceptance, stress, reliability, security and other aspects. The preparation of these tests, from the planning stage to the creation of conditions and scenarios to the execution, requires a significant amount of resources, in terms of labor and material and computational resources. Following the delivery and stabilization of the system, these plans for tests, conditions and scenarios are all “forgotten”. Sometimes, even programs are constructed to complement the test conditions. In other cases, the test scripts are written in a notation that cannot be accessed or understood by everyone, condemning the documentation to be discarded due to lack of knowledge.

Eccox Application Environment Management family of solutions was created to reduce, if not to eliminate, problems related to the administration of test environments for applications. Their use, either with the resources of the customer or through services provided by Eccox, enables the optimization and administration of tests, making test plans an administrable asset of the organization in an intuitive and dynamic way, allowing easy understanding and maintenance.

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