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Eccox is a pioneer in offering a solution for management, performance and capacity for mission critical environments. Using a proven planning approach, EPV Technologies solutions provide all the information necessary for an efficient and stable environment.

Organizations are facing huge challenges. BIGDATA, IoT and Bimodal IT are realities that are keeping executives up at night. Transformation to the digital world brings with it frightening consequences, with data volume, consumption of resources and system performance.

Solutions to address the following challenges:

  • Rapid identification of major resource consumers;
  • Identification of product and utility consumption;
  • Reduced hardware and software costs;
  • Improved performance analysis and quality of services;
  • Effectiveness of capacity planning;
  • Verification of the use of Buffer, ZIIPs processors and dozens of other resources.

The suite of Enterprise Performance Vision (EPV) Plus solutions was developed for management of performance and capacity planning in z/OS, UNIX, Windows and VMWare environments.

These solutions offer a broad view of information regarding the configuration and use of machine resources, published on HTML pages. Through links with a drilldown facility, you can identify modifications in hardware and software configurations, changes in productivity, resource consumption and workloads.

Main benefits:

  • From a single view presented through the flexible and graphic interface, it enables the management and control of resources of the entire infrastructure;
  • Support for the analysis of performance, capacity and financial feasibility on mainframe and distributed platforms.

For Mainframes environments, EPV Plus solution is specialized in the treatment of registers written to SMF, consolidation, organization and presentation of the information, enabling the information to be extracted from the Mainframe environment and loaded into a distributed environment. Automatic discovery techniques are used to collect, summarize and correlate the metric systems to transform the data into indicators and useful information in a completely transparent process.

With just one click, views of simple navigation in HTML that provide detailed information on system resources, workloads and configurations can be exported to MS Excel or CSV files.

Refresh Mode (RM) is a new function of EPV for z/OS Plus. A differential that enables users to conduct near-line analysis of the performance of systems and applications, executed parallel to the EPV standard process.

The main characteristics are:

  • No impact on the standard processing of EPV for z/OS Plus;
  • It will use exactly the same code as in EPV for z/OS Plus;
  • It can be executed as many times as necessary;
  • It will produce the daily reports of EPV for z/OS Plus that will be published at every execution of the RM.

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