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Eccox has a new look that summarizes our DNA in a symbol, representing trust, high quality and effective delivery of operational performance
Quality with governance and the standardization of source codes
With the implementation of solutions for program inspection and the establishment of metrics, the brazilian bank ITAÚ UNIBANCO increased its operational efficiency and was elected as best of all projects of eFinance 2015 Award.
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Greater efficiency, lower costs and effective delivery of results in record time on times of crisis mean challenges that require companies to rethink their processes in search of opportunities.

Eccox, in partnership with its clients, is revolutionizing performance management and quality in mission critical applications
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Digital Transformation

Get your IT costs under control!

Get your IT costs under control!

Eccox is a pioneer in offering a solution for management, performance and capacity for mission critical environments.

Using a proven planning approach, EPV Technologies solutions provide all the information necessary for an efficient and stable environment.

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Quality with Governance in the mainframe environment

Quality with Governance in the mainframe environment

Greater efficiency, lower costs and effective delivery of results in record time

Using a more proactive approach to identify and correct performance deviations before they become problems for our customers and their business, Eccox solutions guarantee the longevity of applications, agile delivery and the use of less resources, helping companies save important time and resources and transform this difficult time into a great opportunity.

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Big Data, IoT and IT bimodal?

Big Data, IoT and IT bimodal?

What used to be an expense is now an investment with a guaranteed return

Corporate systems are becoming progressively more complex and interconnected with one another and with the platforms they use.

In current applications there is a great diversity of layers through which information passes or is treated and, in each of these, specific tests are required.

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Test Cell and Integrated Systems Certifications

This cell operates preventively to identify errors and performance problems of applications in development or large maintenances.

Quality Cell

Eccox Quality Cell offers services for the management and improvement of systems and applications in various technological dimensions.

System Performance and Availability Cell

Eccox Availability Cell detects variations in performance in the production environment.

Mass Data Management Cell

Offers an exclusive service that focuses on supporting the areas of system development in the generation and maintenance of databases for the execution of tests.

Test Cell

Offers a service to improve the functional and technical completeness of applications during the specification, design, logical and physical phases using test case construction techniques.

Process Engineering

Eccox consultancy services are focused on structuring virtuous processes to increase the availability and organization of areas to support developers of applications in large corporations.


End-to-end, with effective delivery of results

Application Quality Code

Environment Management

Services and Training Courses

Eccox Application Quality

Automates the application of concepts associated with the quality of the code in systems in the following ways:
– Quality Control
– Quality Assurance
– Quality Management

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Eccox Application Enviroment

Created to reduce, if not to eliminate, problems related to the administration of test environments for applications.

Their use, either with the resources of the customer or through services provided by Eccox, enables the optimization and administration of tests, making test plans an administrable asset of the organization in an intuitive and dynamic.

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Services and Training Courses

Our portfolio of services encompasses all aspects of providing real end-to-end solutions with a focus on effective delivery of results.

Eccox Technology and its team of specialists guarantee quality, productivity and satisfaction for the end user.

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