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Tips for a fast, direct and efficient contact with your support
Productivity. I believe that this is the word of the century, from the business to the personal life. People, from all generations, are looking for some way, methods, tips or even magic formulas to produce more in less time, with less effort, or in a more balanced way.
We are trying to bring this concept to all aspects of our everyday life, but, in this text, I would like to talk specifically of one, on the identification and resolution of problems/faults, and in that “crucial” time of contacting the technical support, in our case, on the Mainframe environment.
The tips which I bring regards the procedures of contacting your support. Telephone is efficient, but you should always prioritize the e-mail, because it is easier to identify e consecutively solve the problem in a more fast and efficient way, since many times it is necessary some kind of evidence. Besides that, it is necessary to keep records of the comunication and keep track on the progress of the problem’s resolution. Whereas most of the problems are not related to the program’s code, it is just the case of setting some configurations more precisely.
Tip number one: Whom should I email to? – A very common problem is centred in this question, because many time the message is directed to the wrong persons, or in a wrong manner. In case your provider has an email like, it is for this email that you should forward your report of the problem, and, if possible, CC the technical responsibles that you already know from the company. Some e-mails are forwarded for just one person, and this might reflect on the waiting time for an answer, since, in some cases, this specific person may be working on another problem or being kept by a more urgent issue, or even, not be responsible for your kind of problem at all.
Tip number two: What subject should I put? – Try to write the subject in the most specific e concise way possible, if it is related to a fault or a bug, write down the bug name on the email subject, to make the identification easier. For example, if an Abend S0C4 happens, let this clear: “Abend S0C4 on the product X during the procedure Y”, since some erros are common to different customers, this might bring a more immediate answer to you. In the event of a question, be specific as well: “Doubt about the configuration of the product X to perform the procedure Y”, that way the doubt can be elucidated by a phone call, and lately a formal email.
Tip number three: What should I write on the body of the e-mail? Should I attach something? – The body of the email, should have a brief description of the problem, and, if possible, the environment conditions at the time of the problem. Regarding the attachments, try always to attach the maximum of information possible, for example: the printscreen at the time of the problem, if a DUMP was generated, attach it, and always send the system SYSOUT. With this, we can avoid a major exchange of e-mails, that may slow the process due to all complications of our business life.
Those are the principal tips to keep a fast and efficient contact between the technical support and the customer. Do you think that something is missing? Do you have any more tips? Let’s cotinue this discussion on the comments.