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Mass Data Management Cell


Eccox Mass Data Management Cell offers an exclusive service that focuses on supporting the areas of system development in the generation and maintenance of databases for the execution of tests (unitary, integrated or homologation).

  • It executes the fictitious generation of data and/or extraction, reduction and mischaracterization of data from the production environment.
  • Its mission is to remove these activities from the developers and perform them with greater productivity and control.
  • Its high rate of return on investment is achieved by substituting hours of traditional analysts/programmers with hours of extraction analysts who execute the activities with greater productivity, increasing the reuse of procedures through better management of competition resources, better process structuring between developers, cell and production, through the feasibility of auditing procedures and, finally, through a reduction in the total execution time of application tests.
  • Its operationalization includes implementing new processes, assembling specialist team due to extraction and, ideally, implementing software that will enable/streamline the extraction, reduction and mischaracterization of the data, and the reuse of services, which can be hired along with Eccox productivity tools in the SaaS model.


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