Services and Training Courses

Our portfolio of services encompasses all aspects of providing real end-to-end solutions with a focus on effective delivery of results.

Eccox Technology and its team of specialists guarantee quality, productivity and satisfaction for the end user.

Services and Training Courses
Quality with Governance in the mainframe environment
Big Data, IoT and IT bimodal?

This Squad operates preventively to identify errors and performance problems of applications in development or large maintenances.

Eccox Quality Squad offers services for the management and improvement of systems and applications in various technological dimensions.

Eccox Availability Squad detects variations in performance in the production environment.

Offers an exclusive service that focuses on supporting the areas of system development in the generation and maintenance of databases for the execution of tests.

Offers a service to improve the functional and technical completeness of applications during the specification, design, logical and physical phases using test case construction techniques.

Eccox consultancy services are focused on structuring virtuous processes to increase the availability and organization of areas to support developers of applications in large corporations.

End to end with effective delivery of results
Quality Code
Environment Management
Bringing agility to the Shift Left Testing model on the Main...
Data 29 Sep 2021

Shift Left Testing promises to improve this type of scenario by involving test teams early in the process. Problems, whether in design or code, can be addressed early on before they become impor...

Stored Procedure: Eccox QC for DB2 new feature
Data 16 Sep 2021

Eccox, within the application development process with its customers, identified the need to expand the use of code quality rules within its strategy of continuous improvement in its Ecc...

Mainframe Promising Future
Data 13 Apr 2019

Promising Future “Mainframe are on borrowed time”, “COBOL is a dead language”. These are very common phrases for us who work in this area, and we heard it at least once. This is the kind of mindset...