Quality control in the lifecycle

Control means establishing acceptable standards for determined phases of development to be applied to objects that are deliverable in this and classifying them in the process. Specifically in the construction phase, quality control is applied by means of code inspection mechanisms, comparing them with the standards adopted by the organization and good widespread practices.

Eccox Quality Control Products and Processes

Through its code inspection products, Eccox Application Quality Control for COBOL and DB2, Eccox provides automatic processes for the quality control of codes based on rules previously set by the client organization.

Main benefits

  • Automatic source code reading process, regardless of size.
  • Enables different treatment of codes that existed prior to the process and codes produced following implementation.
  • Establishes the criteria for code evaluation.
  • Establishes the severity or importance of each rule for the evaluation process.
  • Establishes the minimum levels considered “good” and “acceptable”.

Products in this family

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