Data privacy rules are a growing concern in all sectors. Eccox Application Environment Management for Data Privacy for a mainframe environment uses consistent techniques to protect production data during application tests, mainly when sensitive data may be vulnerable to practices of fraud and theft.

The integration of Eccox Application Environment Management for Data Setup and Eccox Application Environment Management for Data Privacy provides a unique solution to help companies to address data privacy requirements in the test environment.

in order to help create and manage the privacy specifications, Eccox provides users with all the support they need to define, upgrade and manage the privacy criteria of their business.

Main functions
• Assures the privacy of sensitive information in critical environments;
• Privacy rules are adjusted to the needs of each organization;
• Allows rapid reapplication of adjusted privacy rules;
• Mischaracterization: substitutes sensitive values with formulated algorithms using cryptography keys.
• Masking: hides only parts of a field.
• Aging: to protect data that are needed or not maintain integrity. This aging function allows data to be aged according to the needs of the business.
• Data generation: with this technique, fictitious data can be generated from zero or some other source integrated with Eccox Application Environment Management for Data Generation solution.
• Substitution: This is a very effective way of substituting values consistently with legible fictitious values, such as names (e.g., substituting Maria for Joana) or birthdays (e.g., substituting the month and the day, only retaining the original year of birth).

  • Intelligent processes.
  • Secure information.
  • assured privacy in critical environments.