Assured quality in the lifecycle

The concept of “assurance” includes control and, rather than simply setting standards, quality assurance provides processes that can accept or reject delivery through classification, using previously set standards that are published and made available to everyone involved and interested in the project. Specifically regarding the construction phase, quality assurance is applied through the monitoring of the quality of the code, inspecting it during construction (e.g., after every successful compilation) and preventing the progress of the code from accepting a level of quality that is less than acceptable. This ensures delivery with a minimum quality standard in accordance with the standards set by the organization.

Eccox Quality Assurance products and processes

Through its code inspection products, Eccox Application Quality Control for COBOL and DB2, administered by Eccox Application Quality Assurance for Development, Eccox provides automatic processes for quality assurance of the codes, rejecting the construction of codes that do not achieve a minimum acceptable level of quality and preventing them from being delivered for the next stage of the lifecycle.
With Eccox Application Behavior Management tool, it is possible to monitor the execution of performance tests in controlled environments to be able to bar the delivery of objects that do not achieve satisfactory performance.

Main Benefits

  • Prevents the progress of code development without a minimum “acceptable” level.
  • Allows the controlled and managed process of the unsatisfactory code through a correction commitment.
  • Allows the administration of executions to evaluate the codes of certain programs or systems for determined rules.