Eccox Application Environment Management for Virtual Testing enables a virtual relationship between a program and a subprogram.

A program that needs to call a subprogram that is not yet ready can execute as if it already existed. The call will be simulated, including with altered call parameters in a similar mode to the subprogram.

It allows a subprogram to be tested without the need to constitute its caller. The subprogram will be called and will receive its parameters as specified. Both the entry parameters and their returned values will be listed in a report that will serve as evidence of the execution and assessment of the calls.

It is integrated with Eccox Application Environment Management for Parallel Testing, and can be executed in a batch and online (CICS or IMS/TM).

Main benefits
• Agile development and maintenance of subprograms with no need to wait for callers;
• Retains applied intelligence for the subprogram tests;
• Allows the immediate reapplication of these tests.

  • Agile subprogram tests;
  • Retains intelligence in tests;
  • Documents the execution of subprograms.