Quality management in the lifecycle

Quality management is done through a consolidated analysis of the indicators extracted from quality control or quality assurance processes. Depending on the process, the following scenarios are possible:
The indicators generated from quality control enable general quality levels to be set. These can direct the sporadic “task force” actions for improvement.
The indicators generated from quality assurance allow the evolution of the general delivered quality levels to be monitored. This enables an assessment of quality by those involved in the project, allowing decisions to be taken to improve the process as a whole, eliminating its weak points.

Eccox Application quality management

Indicators generated by extractors in the quality control and quality assurance products and the process of change management feed databases of Eccox Quality Management for Governance product. Eccox QMG automatically supplies information to aid decision-making involving quality management of the applications of the organization.

Main Benefits

  • Enables information to be consolidated and related to facilitate the analysis of scenarios and situations that require decisions.
  • Demonstrates, graphically, the results of the consolidations and relationships of information to facilitate the analysis of scenarios and situations.

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