The reliability of applications needs to be guaranteed by means of a tool that provides the necessary visibility for a specific analysis of behavior and deviations presented by programs that will be promoted to productive environments. Therefore, it is important to have a tool that, by means of an automated process, be capable of monitoring behavioral deviations of applications, providing managers or technical teams with information that aids decision making in the process of promoting programs to productive environments.

A large number of applications are promoted on a daily basis within an organizational complex, and the demand for these applications to be working according to user requirements had led to the need for a policy for the behavioral analysis of programs.

Consequently, adopting an application monitoring system helps to maintain a healthy productive environment with high availability, minimizing the number of failures caused by low quality or inefficient execution of programs. Furthermore, it provides improvement and continuity in the organization or specific area.

Eccox Application Behavior Management for Development is a tool for monitoring applications that are being executed in a certain environment, consolidating the collected data and generating reports that help managers or technical team by promoting programs to the productive environment.

The data are collected in the environment of origin (mainframe) and loaded into the tool intending to store and consolidate these data historically in order to generate information through reports.

It is a monitoring tool capable of presenting different information from programs analyzed using pre-set criteria, consolidating, promoting and integrating data from a number of sources (Control-M, Changeman, Program Registers, etc.) facilitating the process of analyzing program deviations when compared to previous executions.

It can be integrated with Blacklisting and Approval through a WEB interface, facilitating the analysis process and promoting programs in the environment.

Main Functions

• Detection of behavior deviations of new versions of applications prior to entering Production;
• Detection of eventual abends of new versions of applications before entering Production;
• Greater stability and predictability of the behavior of applications in the Production environment;
• WEB Interface;
• Generation of Monitoring Reports;
• Generation of Managerial Reports;
• multiple Registrations;
• Parameterization;
• Highlighted Views:
o per Job
o per Job (Partial)
o per Package
o per Package (Partial)
• Changes per Status
• Changes per Cycle
• Duration of Pre-Production cycle
• Changes per Cycle – General
• Cycles per Area of Business
• Days of stay per Area of Business
• Blacklisted and Approved by business area


  • Applications with guaranteed stability
  • More secure maintenance
  • Identified Abends and deviations
  • Continuous improvement, your infrastructure ready for digital transformation