Brazil, the country of Carnival?
Date 13 Dec 2014

At the end of the first week of February begins a period in the catholic calendar known as “Carnival”. There ar many different kinds of commemoration around the world, and one of the most known should be the one in Brazil. According some sources, its origin come from the times of the Roman Empire as a period of a certain tolerancy of the habits that preceeded a more austere forty-day period known as “Quadragesima”. That period – dedicated to fasting and meditation – terminates by the christian “Easter”, that remembers the passion, death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ, events that have initiated the Christian religion.

Nowadays, each year Catholic Church uses to choose a subject to meditate and discuss about during that period. It is also a time to reflect about peccancies, understood as bad practices, omissions and actions either anti-social or against our neighbors, and which action we may take in order to improve our practices and minimize problems.

Making an analogy in the IT area, Eccox Software has a set of solutions, by means of products and services, to help IT departments of companies to, more than analyze the problems regarding to the development and maintenance of systems, find out their causes, take corrective and mitigatory actions and keep in track their results during the time.

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