Cost reduction – the eternal necessity
Date 13 Dec 2019

Organizations are continually under pressure to control, optimize and/or reduce their

investment and costs on IT and now, more than ever, due to today’s economic climate.

The challenge for most CIOs is the way to reduce costs, without negatively impacting the value

delivered to its internal and external customers, in order to preserve the organization’s ability

to operationalize the present and visualize the future.

Over the last few years of my experience in mission-critical environments, in many cases,

applications are released in the production environment without being carried out the non-

functional tests beforehand, such as safety testing, performance, usability and more,

generating rework costs or even availability of the environment.

The Eccox partnership with the American company Macro4, member of the Unicom Global

group, offers solutions that monitor application performance, especially in mission-critical

environments where application availability is approximately 100%.

The solutions come up with business intelligence, giving you a better understanding of the

relationship between IT costs and business activities, and show how to control costs and

improve service quality by modifying your system environment or user behavior.

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