PR: Introducing QC WEB - Eccox Application Quality Control (EQC)
Date 26 Oct 2023

Eccox Software Brasil is announcing new functionality for its acclaimed Eccox Application Quality Control (EQC) product. This new functionality, called QC WEB, offers EQC managers a browser interface to perform functions traditionally performed in the 3270 interface, in addition to new management functionalities exclusively available in the new interface.

The WEB interface, in addition to the new features, offers its users a more intuitive experience, which results in greater productivity with a faster learning curve in using the solution.

With this announcement, Eccox standardizes the Application Quality Control for Cobol (QCC) user interface with the interface used in its already established Eccox APT (Application for Parallel Testing) solution, giving its users the same look and feel as before. the solutions of the Eccox family, greatly facilitating the use of these solutions. Eccox also provided a WEB interface for the Application Quality Control for Db2 (QCD) solution.

Main EQC features available on its web interface:

  • Query of evaluated objects, by evaluated program or service order used, for QC for COBOL and QC for DB2 products
    • Identify the latest assessments within an assessment structure (program, assessment configuration, and work order).
    • It is possible to consult the evaluation score, signal, and details of the violations, displaying a view of the rules violated in an evaluation.
    • Details of the queries executed and their respective types of access and costs.
  • Request, make, and manage allowances for QC for COBOL and QC for DB2 products from a web interface without needing access to the TSO Mainframe.
  • Registering and managing exceptions for QC for COBOL and QC for DB2 products from a web interface without needing access to the TSO Mainframe is possible.
  • Availability of consulting the evaluation report from the web application.
  • Possibility to list the cross-reference between programs maintained by the product and display the parameters passed by the calling program and received by the called program. This allows you to check the existence of size discrepancies that could lead to cancellations or logical malfunctions in processing.
  • Consultation of the list of rules for the QC for COBOL and QC for DB2 products, with reports that indicate the number of violations that occurred per rule within a period, making it possible to extract this information from management reports.

Eccox plans to make a new version of EQC available in early 2024, bringing new features to both the base component of the solution and its WEB component.

With the announcement of the QC WEB functionality for EQC, Eccox is meeting the demands of its traditional QCC and QCD customers and contributing significantly to a greater return on the investments they have been making for several years in using this solution.

With this, Eccox also believes that it will position the EQC solution at a higher level of service for customers of the Mainframe z/OS platform and add value to their trajectory in the platform's modernization journey in search of better meeting their business demands.

Eccox reserves the right to change announcement and commercialization dates for its products without prior notice.

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