Updates and its impact on customer support
Date 13 Sep 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and this time when we analyze the results we got, we make promises and establish goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

An important tip to start the year off right and keep a good productivity during it is to maintain your environment and your products always up-to-date. We know that with all the problems during the day, this issues, that might seem not so important, end up being put aside. But it is important to highlight that an updated environment is less prone to errors, that in sometimes were already corrected. It is worth to separate an hour to check with your providers what are the latest versions of their products and install them as soon as possible.

At last, Eccox would not stay out of these “New Year’s tradition”. This year, that was distinguished by a lot of changes, such as new technologies and new forms of service, we were present, at all times, with our customers. And helped them achieve their goals, meet their deadlines and deliver a quality service. For this New Year, we compromise to, not only maintain our rigorous quality standards, but improves it, evolve it. With a qualified support ready to assist in all situations, and a well prepared technical team, we are ready to face any challenges that this year may bring.

How about you? What are your goals and objectives?

We offer a number of different solutions that would help you realize them, from cost reduction and a better standardization of software, to even a better control and analysis of the processes within the mainframe environment.

Come on! Have a look at our products!

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