Is the protection of your data guaranteed?
Date 13 Dec 2017

We talk a lot in safety, we spend a lot of money to make sure our data is protected from malicious people, but are they really?

This is a somewhat dangerous question, because if we say yes, someone will want to challenge you, on the other hand, if we say no, then we are not doing our job. We have several solutions to improve our security and not to allow our data to be vulnerable to attacks or loss of privacy.

But when we do not protect our information from people handling the organization itself? Are not we taking risks too?

The answer is yes! One of the ways to protect the information in the company is to develop a safe environment, with data decharacterized for the manipulation, either by the area of development, tests, homologation and etc.

A good practice allows to have a decharacterized and preferably reduced data environment for the manipulation of this information in I.T., allowing to develop the new applications and maintenance, without the concern of hiding the data that can be of production, allowing the manipulation in the area of informatics without the concern with the security of the same ones.

If you can set up an environment with:

– a copy of production data, but masking or mischaracterising sensitive data (confidential information);

– maintaining data integrity;

– own the information and files relationship, be it even from the tables;

– this copy to be used in the development / testing / homologation, being reduced, but maintaining, all the characteristics necessary for our work;

– to allow the generation of data not existing in previous systems that will be used in the new systems;

– maintaining information security;

– be able to update from time to time;

– do not lose the reference base.

These conditions are ideal for our project.

We can not always meet all our needs or we do not have the technical conditions and time for the project.

We need to keep the activities within their schedules, be it technical or business, but it is necessary to have more and more control and security of our information, to allow a correction of course.

Our daily lives are getting faster in stocks, and we have to meet the demand of our business, quickly maintaining the safeguard of our information.

So our tip is: to be able to set up an environment that can be used in all stages of the development of the new proposal of our business, whether in a new maintenance or a new opportunity.

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